How to activate the offer?

The first step is to find the offer you are looking to work with. Make sure you have read all the rules and your traffic source is allowed there.

Then press the "Activate" button.

Fill in the application by doing the following steps:

  • Set the campaign title. It's not required but is good tool to distinguish several campaigns with different traffic sources.

  • Rent a phone number or pick one of your rented numbers

You can choose specific area code or choose random. If you need toll-free number for your campaign, please ask your personal manager to allocate you such number

  • Choose traffic sources that you are going to use in your promotion. 

  • Put any notes that help us to understand your promotional method. 

In order to prevent your application refusal, please make sure you have added required creatives for your future campaign (screenshots, text&banner templates, landing page URL in the field NOTE.

If you use a call center, please provide links to files with example of data, script, location of call center, number of agents.

  • The last step is to agree with offer rules and general Marketcall rules and press the "Activate" button

After your campaign is created, it will be in the "Moderation" state. Our moderators will review your campaign in 24 hours and then approve your campaign or refuse with clarifying comment.