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Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

Attract qualified calls to get leads you need

  • For advertisers
  • For affiliates

Call recording

Listen to incoming calls

Call recording allows you to track the quality of incoming traffic and adjust the advertising activities of affiliates connected to your offers.

Call logic

Automated follow up

Call logic combines same-type offers into bundles. This helps advertisers track their activity more effectively.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition

Voice transcription is a very convenient tool for analyzing calls. With this functionality, you can track calls by keywords that occur in a conversation and filter the quality of incoming traffic.


Manage calls like a pro

Call tracking

One of the most effective ways of testing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and increasing the level of ROI is tracking calls. In our affiliate system, we provide tens of thousands of numbers to track the quality of channels to attract traffic and give our affiliates the opportunity of uploading detailed metrics. Thanks to this, you can always have a complete picture of the state of your calls and, if needed, make the necessary adjustments in order to achieve the best results.
You will be able to visualize data on the quality of traffic by the ratio of confirmed and rejected calls for a certain period of time, as well as determine the efficiency ratio for each source.

Callback widget

The call back function allows you to instantly engage a potential client in the process of interaction with the advertiser, which, as practice shows, increases sales and improves the quality of conversion through some channels by an average of 35-40%.
The widget in the Marketcall system is provided for use to our affiliates absolutely free of charge and implies the possibility of individual customization for each source.

Caller substitution

Unique phone numbers. You do not have to worry about where to get phone numbers to configure the routing of calls from your advertising campaign to our affiliate system.

Phone number rental

We have an extensive base of both mobile and fixed-line telephone numbers in many regions and countries, which we lease to our affiliates in the quantity required for the scale of their advertising campaigns. This greatly simplifies not only the principles of interaction with our affiliate network for advertisers and affiliates, but also allows them to track the quality of call attraction methods, which, of course, is a decisive factor for both parties.
Affiliates can use both free mobile phone numbers and rent paid ones with the city area code.

Coming soon

High-quality IVR is the key for the success of the call center. A well-formulated and recorded greeting for the caller combined with properly selected music and the pleasant voice of the teller create a favorable impression of the company and allow you to increase the percentage of conversions. Among other things, IVR allows you to reduce the load on the call-center, thus making it possible to process incoming calls during off-hours and organizing prompt advertising and information services for clients.

Domain parking

Start working in minutes

Park a domain for free in just a few clicks. Publish ready-to-use landing pages with callback widgets, and place additional scripts through the interface. This greatly simplifies affiliate’s workflow including free and ready-to-use promotional materials.


See, evaluate and compare your data

The data we envision is easy to understand. Transparent analytics lets affiliates to adjust the strategy of advertising campaigns in real time and improve their results. Integrate any third-party tools such as Facebook Pixel, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and more