Affiliate marketing during the pandemic

Coronavirus has already affected all areas of human life. Obviously, affiliate industry can`t remain independent from the effects of the pandemic. In the new text Marketcall figures out what effect the virus outbreak will have on affiliate marketing and on with which verticals it`s better to work during these hard times.

The opinions of industry experts regarding the role of coronavirus in the future of affiliate marketing are mixed. Some do not see big changes in their effectiveness, some completely cut their budgets, while others increase their advertising costs, hoping to generate revenue beyond their wildest expectations.

We can say with confidence that there is an opportunity to make a profit in these crazy times. But for this to happen, you need to understand what exactly is happening. 

During pandemic most people stay at home: some of them work remotely, some are on sick leave or cannot work. In this regard, people spend much more time on the Internet. You might think that if people stay at home, then organic traffic will increase. Unfortunately, this does not lead to an increase in organic traffic for most verticals. It has declined in most industries. But some verticals have an increase. 


This is because the behavior of people on the Internet during quarantine is not quite typical. Based on these data, the worst verticals for working during the pandemic are: tourism, telecom, transport. In the field of education there has been a slight decline but at the same time the demand for online lectures has grown significantly. Not surprisingly, insurance verticals are incredibly popular right now. So, at the moment it is best to work with financial, grocery and insurance offers.

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