How to run Pest Control (Pay Per Call) offers through Google call only Ads

Hello Affiliates! presents the case study on our Pest control offers to you and the ways to promote them effectively through Google call only Ads. Pest control campaign is the best suitable offer for new affiliates to work with because of easy approval with less requirements and better conversion rates.

  NOTE: The performance of this offer varies depending on the seasons. 

The above graph shows the call statistics of the pest control search term on Google trends. Increase in traffic can be seen during the summer season when the demand for the pest control service is very high. During this period advertisers allocate higher budgets. The campaign is paused during the winter season since it’s off season and in autumn and spring season the offer has limited caps with availability only for several affiliates who show best results.

Offer Details

Offer type: Bundle offer (up to 4 advertisers)
GEO location: Nationwide (after some time it became zip targeted)

Working hours: 7 am - 11:59 pm EST, Mon-Sun

Payout: $18-$22
Duration of qualified call:  90-125sec after IVR

Qualified call:  7 days (1 day for top affiliates) 

Why Google call only Ads?

Pest control offer works a lot better with Google Ads because of less restrictions from google which makes it easier to get the ad approved. Call only ads make it easier to set up than traditional ads without the necessity of the Landing page. But for higher conversion it's better to have a landing page. Affiliates need to prepare their Ad campaigns before the start of the summer season, so they have time to optimize the ad and to get ready to run the campaign.

Example of call only ad

Marketcall Landing page Template

Keyword ideas & Structure

Pest, Exterminator +control +service, +removal  +near me, +{city}, +{state} +local 

{Insect} + removal +pest control +control +extermination


Negative keywords ideas

All kinds of animals (cat, dog, duck, snake, bear, etc.) 

Brand names of Pest companies (Terminix, Orkin, Ehrich, Rentokil, etc.)

Also exclude keywords related to customer service.

Advice and Insights from our top affiliates

  • Once campaign is optimized you can easily generate 150-200 billable calls per day and scale more if you have the budget
  • It’s easier to start with call only ads but for more volume you may need to use traffic to landing page as well

  • Check your conversion rate and search terms that bring clicks to optimize campaign to reach target conversion rate of 25%

  • Average ROI of this campaign is 25-50%

  • Push your affiliate manager for daily payout to have high turnover of your capital

Why Marketcall?

  • Trusted Pay Per Call Affiliate Network

  • Wide range of offers

  • Industry high payouts

  • Fast payments

  • Personal support

Ready to start? Please sign up at For any questions please write to or skype: live:.cid.9482e62be8e78223.

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