Guide: Pay Per Call offers and traffic sources combination

Hey everyone! Pay Per Call is not an easy niche, but with the right approach, it is one of the most profitable ones. Many new affiliates do not know where to start and usually get lost in the variety of tools. Today we're going to share the combinations you can apply in Pay Per Call and show you the working approaches that generate good profits at high volumes. 

Google Ads + Flight Booking

Flight Booking includes flight reservations as well as cancellations, refunds, and rescheduling.

It's worth saying that this vertical is complicated but highly profitable. The fact is that flight booking is not always allowed by Google for advertising, namely if you advertise sites with a phone number and brand name. This is due to the fact that there used to be a lot of fraud when fake phone numbers were placed with the existing brand names. After that, Google imposed more rules and now it's quite difficult to run flight booking offers.

To get good conversions, it's important to take keyword selection seriously. We recommend using branded keywords, but we don't advise inserting a brand name in your ads. 

Examples of creatives: 

Read more about Flight booking in our recent case study: 

Google Ads + Pest Control.

This niche implies the extermination of insects from a home or property. Offers in this area are seasonal and coincide, as a rule, with the period of insect activity (Summer). Since in the U.S. there are a lot of private homes with gardens, insects are a serious problem and this niche is becoming very popular. 

The Google Ads + Pest Control combination contains the following types of ads:

  • call only advertising - approximately 90% of the traffic

  • click-to-website - the remaining 10% of the traffic.

In this case, we use the keywords ‘pest control’ + geo (Los Angeles), or ‘pest control near me’. Also popular are the keywords with the type of insects (mosquito exterminator).

It should also be taken into account that there are no offers that cover the entire territory of the United States in the pest control vertical. Almost all advertisers are targeting zip codes, but some cover the entire state. However, setting up ads by zip codes is risky for an affiliate because you never know in which area the demand for insect extermination will be higher. Because of this, we recommend targeting by state (California, Texas, etc.). 

The average ROI in this niche is 30% to 50%. 

Payouts per call are ranked from $20 to $35.

Examples of call only advertising:

Google Ads + Auto Insurance

The Auto Insurance niche is dealing with the insurance of personal cars. In this case, we recommend using only call-only ads because other sources of traffic proved to be not effective. 

There are several ways to choose keywords:

  • by state (auto insurance California)

  • by the car brand (Toyota auto insurance)

  • by the advertiser’s brand (Allstate auto insurance)

Average ROI is 30%, 

Average pay per lead: $7-$13

Average pay per call: $28-$32 

Pros of Auto Insurance: often no limits 

Cons: advertisers will often have a long IVR 

Examples of call-only ads:

Google Ads / Facebook Ads + TV & Internet

This niche includes:

  • TV offers (cable or satellite TV)

  • Internet in the house (cable or satellite) 

  • Joint installation of TV and Internet. 

In this vertical, when working with search traffic, you should exclude keywords containing customer service requests, because what’s important - is the new customer willing to buy the product

This is also the situation where click-to-call advertising works together with website traffic. For website traffic, it is crucial to create a good landing page and add a phone number. 

All approaches work in this sphere:

  • click-to-call

  • click-to-message

  • lead ads

When working with Facebook Ads, we recommend using the click-to-message option. Then the flow is simple: Messenger bot asks to choose the required service and then asks to enter the customer’s zip code - The customer gets a phone number to call - The customer calls and the affiliate gets a payout for the qualified call.

Average payout in this niche: $9-$12 per call. 

Examples of ads and creatives:

Google Ads + Rehab.

Rehab is a sphere that implies providing alcohol and drug rehabilitation services. This niche is very complex and is only manageable by experienced affiliates. The main problem with 

Rehab - the inability to run ads without a special license. The license can be connected to only one Google account and the advertiser is unlikely to share it. 

However, there are some groups of queries that do not require a license. The list of queries is closed because few people are willing to share this information. Also, you can negotiate with a small Rehab center to have them give you a license. In this way, you will both advertise the Rehab center itself and other offers. It is very difficult to implement such a scheme, but the complexity of the niche is compensated by a good payout.

The average payout:

  • per call from 30 seconds: $40-$50

  • per call from 90 seconds: $100-$200

  • per call from 180 seconds: $400-$500

Examples of advertisements

Google Ads / Facebook Ads + Insurance

The Insurance niche involves providing health insurance for people under 65. Such type of traffic is one of the most expensive ones, so you should collect Google accounts with a $350 credit limit when working with Google Ads. You also need to send traffic to the advertiser's site through an affiliate link.

Working with Google Ads: create pre-landing page, where the user enters his zip code, and add the ‘compare plans’ button. People fill out a lead form where they leave their contact information. At the end, we add a "call" button. Working with Facebook Ads is the same. 

Average ROI: 20-30% for high traffic volumes

Average pay per lead: $8-$11

Average pay per call: $45

Example of a pre-landing page :

Facebook Lead Ads + Legal, Medicare

Facebook Lead Ads is a tool that allows you to create a lead form on Facebook. It works like this: a person sees the pre-landing page, fills out the lead form, and then the "call" button appears. This way, you receive a lead and some people can make a phone call. 

This tool works well with the Legal (legal help) and Medicare (health insurance for people over 65) niches. 

In the case of Legal, there is no need to use call centers, because the audience is already warmed up and ready to call itself. The opposite is true for the Medicare niches, where people can wait to be called. Thus, in these verticals, it's better to use call centers. 

If we run the Medicare offer, we target all people over 65.

Average payment per Medicare call: $30-$35

Example of creatives: 

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