Top 5 traffic sources for Pay Per Call offers

Hello everyone! In this article, let us explain to you about the Top 5 traffic sources that work well for Pay Per Call offers (based on the statistics from Marketcall). This article will be more helpful for newbie affiliates to improve their career in affiliate marketing.

The traffic sources are as follows;

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • SEO
  • Call center

Google Ads 

The top most famous traffic source that brings in more traffic from customers who are actively looking for services. Due to its popularity, the competition is very high and to promote services in this traffic source the ad must be optimized very well.The Cost Per Click (CPC) is high in order to run the ads. One of the best ways is to use the right keywords in order to earn more profit.
Another best way is to use the type of Ad called Google Call Only Ad which is more popular among affiliates working with Pay Per Call offers. This is a simple ad without any landing pages and can be posted with a phone number on display. This ad is visible to all customers who are browsing the internet through cellular devices.
This Call Only Ad is easier not only to the affiliate to create it but also to the customer who is looking for services because it connects the customer to the advertiser directly and is likely to get more conversion rate than other types of ads.

Facebook Ads

The second most popular traffic that brings in more traffic from customers who are passive. Customers simply look at the feed and not actively look for the services.
The main advantage of using this traffic source is that the CPC is lesser than the Google Ads. It will be easier for newbie affiliates to start promoting the ads with less budget. One can bring in more traffic to his/her ad by making ad creatives more attractive and by using the right keywords.
Facebook Ads has a machine learning feature which predicts the opportunities to deliver best performances to the ad.

There are different types of Facebook Ads are as follows;

Click to website - When customers click on the ad, they are redirected to the website in which the affiliate can either put a phone number to call or collect the customer information as a lead.
Click to call - when customers click on the ad the call is made to the advertiser number to which the affiliate has added to the ad directly.
Click to messenger - When customers click on the ad, they are redirected to the messenger within facebook where they can interact with the publisher and gather information about the services before making a call.
Click to lead generation - This type is quite similar to click to messenger but instead of interaction with the publisher they are given a form in facebook itself to fill in contact information and then given an option to call the advertiser or to visit the website of the advertiser. If either of these didn't happen the publisher anyhows generates lead information about the customer.

Facebook Marketplace

This type is entirely different from general Facebook Ads. It’s a classified Ad section where one can post the ad listings for free. Also, no need to spend time and effort to create the best ad creative. Simply post the picture of the service and the price.

Since it has a lot of cool features there is heavy competition among other ads. Inorder to rank the ad to the top you can boost your listings by paying little amount of money.This type of Ad works well for local target and also the customers can have an interaction with the ad publisher directly before opting for that specific service.

According to our statistics, facebook marketplace works well with Home service verticals.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

This traffic source is the best source for local targets and also there is no investment needed if you are looking for organic traffic. Some affiliates invest money on increasing the bid for their keywords to get traffic quickly but if you have patience and if you spend a lot of efforts on your website content, website creatives and relevant key terms then your website will rank to the top some day. All it takes is time to drive more traffic and google automatically rank your website to the top than the other affiliates who spent a lot of money to raise the bids on keywords.
Once there is enough traffic to the website you can spend little budget to get backlinks to drive even more organic traffic. You can also use Google My Business (GMB) to drive more traffic by creating a simple ad in google maps and then link the website along with the phone number where the customer can either call to the advertiser or visit the website for more information.

Call Center

Call center is nothing but having a group of agents and calling the customers with the fresh or old leads that you have and asking the customer if they are interested in the services that you are working with and prequalify and then redirect or live transfer the call to the advertiser. There are two types of call center based on the location.

Onshore - Onshore call center is nothing but the call center is located in the country where the customer is located.
Offshore - Offshore call center is nothing but the call center is located outside the country from where the customer is located.

There are two aspects to consider when working with this traffic source. Need to have fresh data for better conversion and TCPA complaint data to avoid risks.

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