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Are you struggling to get new customers despite the increasing demand for Health Insurance products? The rising competition in the industry has made it more challenging to get new prospects. To succeed in today’s market place, you need to leverage the marketing expertise and technology of prospects acquisition experts like Marketcalls.

We offer companies and agents high-conversion and high intent calls from prospects who are looking for insurance products. Check the categories of services we offer, create an account, and start growing your business now!

Increase Your Profit With Quality Leads

Grow your business and increase your bottom line with intent calls that will give you clients who are ready to buy your products. We’ll help you get potential clients through targeted marketing campaigns and supply all the information you will need to have a successful engagement.

Stay in Control

Leverage the latest technology and ever-increasing features on our dashboard to get prospects that matter to your business. Use our recording, voice logic, and voice recognition tools to analyze the quality of calls you are getting and track your marketing campaigns.

Experienced Team

We are a team of marketing and prospects acquisition experts. With over five years’ experience, we have mastered the process that works and have helped several brands grow their client base with our professional services. We strive for perfection and work hard to ensure we are the go-to provider for all types of business. We develop long term relationships with each of our clients by working with them to achieve a high ROI when they buy from us.

Marketcalls Unique Process

Create an account with us and select a category that matches your budget and Health Insurance leads’ preference. Our marketing team will use the information you supply to generate a list of potential customers and make calls to them. Furthermore, we’ll help you get inbound calls through google ads, Facebook, snapchat, SEO, TikTok and more. Our goal is to help you increase your business profit by ensuring you get the maximum return when you buy from us.

Real-Time Quotes

Name State email Premium
How much do health insurance leads cost?

For advertisers, the price per one lead will vary from $10 to $20

What is a good cost per lead?

The best cost is estimated to be over 20$

What are leads in insurance?

These are prospects who want to buy an insurance policy for themselves or their family. For instance, in Marketcall you will receive the following information: the name of the person, his contact phone number, preferred type of Insurance, income and job data etc.

How much do leads cost?

The estimated budget per month is about 1,000$

How do you generate leads?

Leads are generated via various traffic sources like social media, google ads, messenger ads, tinder, tik tok or snapchat.

Why do insurance agents fail?

The common mistake is a poor-quality work of the agents who don’t pick up the phone or call back the client. This also includes impolite communication and the lack of lead scoring.

How do I get insurance leads?

Just connect to the Marketcall system!

Marketcall offers various lead generation methods

Online marketing

  • Paid Search
  • SEO
  • Social ads
  • Native Ads
  • Classified ads
  • Email

Offline Marketing

  • Paid Search
  • Callcenter transfers
  • Direct mail
  • SMS

Individual approach

  • Choose allowed traffic sources
  • Set definition of billable call
  • Ad materials moderation
  • Adjust prices for different sources

Stop Wasting Money On Generic Leads!

Stop wasting money on advertisements that don’t convert. We provide high-quality Health Insurance leads through top-notch marketing services. You can record and monitor each call to determine their effectiveness. Whatever your budget, you are guaranteed a high return on investment when you buy from us.

Buy real-time Health Insurance leads now to increase your business bottom line.

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